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We seek to serve our community by sharing the love of Jesus and giving them: food for their bodies, love for their souls and hope for the future. 


To provide free meals to the hungry, homeless, and working poor of the Lyman, Duncan, Wellford, Startex and Jackson areas. We share a common belief that when we serve those in need, we serve God. 

Quick Facts

  • Breaking Bread For Jesus, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) company, meaning we are tax- exempt non-profit organization. We are exempt from state taxation as well. 501(c) organizations can receive unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations. 

  • Breaking Bread For Jesus, Inc. was incorporated in the March, 2015 by Ron & Gail Eanes. 

  • Breaking Bread For Jesus, Inc. sits on 1.1 acres in Wellford, SC off Highway 29 at 108 Astor Street

    • We are in the process of architectural plans and costing for the buildings. 


  • Since November 2015 we have raised over $200,000

    • We tithe (10%) of what is raised monthly to a local identity. 


  • First meal served on December 12, 2015 in Lyman, SC 


  • The name was selected to carry the gospel of the Lord through feeding the hungry and helping those in need. 


  • Modeled after soup kitchens that Ron & Gail have served, led and volunteered in for over 15 years. 


  • Duncan Elementary - 62% of the students are eligible for free lunch


  • Wellford Academy - 74% of the students are eligible for free lunch & 100% for breakfast

  • We are not affiliated with any one church or civil organizations, we welcome all. 

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